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  • Cutting-edge research and clever minds
  • Cutting-edge research and clever minds
  • Cutting-edge research and clever minds

"Cutting-edge research and clever minds"

Germany is regarded internationally as an attractive location for education and research. The Meetropolis itself is a state-of-the-art centre for efficiently networked universities and scientific and research institutions. The boundaries between education, research and industry are in flux. Valuable synergies are created by the cooperation between students, teachers and researchers. These increase the quality of education and lead to quicker results - thus ensuring a valuable advantage in terms of knowledge.

Some 100,000 students are enrolled in a wide range of faculties at 24 universities, including one of the largest universities in Germany, the largest sports university in the world, a world-renowned academy of art and a unique school of art for the media. The universities cooperate closely with the research institutes. Around 50 per cent of the excellently educated graduates remain in the region on a long-term basis after completing their degrees. The new specialists enrich The Meetropolis with their knowledge and contribute to the research work or practical implementation.

Research centres such as the German Aerospace Center(DLR), which includes the affiliated European Space Agency (ESA) and the most modern wind tunnel in Europe, five different Max-Planck-Institutes, a branch of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and the proximity to industry offer high-ranking scientists outstanding working conditions which are almost unique in Europe. The Meetropolis is thus a magnet for scientists from all round the world who enjoy working and living here.

The networking of theory and practice is also displayed to visitors to The Meetropolis: numerous educational and research facilities dealing with specific topics are open exclusively for visitors.

That's why: The Meetropolis stands for the exchange of information, networking and business reflecting the latest state of the art with inquisitive potentials, opinion leaders, research partners, high potentials and top-class instructors.


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