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Things worth knowing, things worth seeing, things to cherish, things to be impressed by. And always an experience. That is your Meetropolis.

Five good reasons to love The Meetropolis.

Your Meetropolis stands for efficiency by day and something special in the evening. It provides a unique combination of variety, expertise, skill and quality:

Sleep comfortably and conveniently. Choose from 500 modern hotels with high quality standards and a good price/performance ratio.

Give free rein to your creativity. Choose the spot that meets your requirements from more than 300 convention venues.

Experience art, culture and special treats outside the convention. Full of atmosphere or action-packed, cultural or culinary - The Meetropolis offers all kinds of accompanying programmes.

Have a good journey here and back. The convenient connections by air, land and water offer many opportunities for stress-free travel.

Take advantage of professional support. The teams of the Cologne Convention Bureau and Düsseldorf Convention will be pleased to provide you with tips, suggestions and support that are tailored to your requirements.


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